case Results

At Lucero Law, we pursue the best possible outcome for every client facing DUI, Traffic and Personal Injury cases. Our results below are the types of outcomes that Lucero Law has secured for previous clients.

Otero County Case

Original charges: DUI. Careless driving.

Disposition: DUI was dismissed and the Careless Driving charge was deferred.

  • Mineral County Case

    Original charge: Speeding 10-19 mph over the limit; Commercial Driver.

    Disposition: Case dismissed.

  • Mineral County Case

    Original charge: Operated commercial motor vehicle and failed to comply with tire/chain restrictions.

    Disposition: Case dismissed.

  • Pueblo County Case

    Original charges: Leaving the scene of an accident. Failure to report an accident. No proof of insurance and careless driving.

    Disposition: 6 months deferred sentence on the careless driving charge and all other charges dismissed.

  • El Paso County Case

    Original Charges: Careless driving causing injury. No proof of insurance and expired plates.

    Disposition: Deferred sentence to careless driving without injury and all other charges dismissed.

  • Huerfano County Case

    Original Charge: Weed DUI with minimal THC level.

    Disposition: Deferred prosecution.

  • Arapahoe County Case

    Original Charges: DUI and weaving.

    Disposition: All charges dismissed.

  • Jefferson County Case

    Original Charges: Vehicular eluding; DUI; DUI per se; Reckless Driving; Prohibited use of a weapon.

    Disposition: Plead guilty to DUI and reckless driving; all other charges dismissed.

  • Pueblo County Case

    Original Charges: Criminal Mischief and Careless Driving.

    Disposition: Deferred sentence to the Careless Driving charge and Criminal Mischief charge dismissed.

  • Denver County Case

    Original Charges: Leaving the scene of an accident. Careless driving.

    Disposition: Plead guilty to careless driving. Leaving the scene of an accident charge was dismissed.

  • Otero County Case

    Original Charges: DWI. Careless driving. Child abuse.

    Disposition: Diversion.